2016 Qi Journal bundle

2016 Qi Journal bundle

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Year 2016. Each issue is 64 pages plus cover. The Journal (aka Qi Journal), has been published since 1991. Qi Journal has "real"articles on the topic of Qi, written by those who are currently teaching and practicing the disciplines and who are willing to share their experiences for the advancement of others. All articles are peer-written, making this journal a wonderful adjunct to classical texts and study guides... sometimes contradictory... sometimes controversial... but always educational.

Spring 2016. Features: Shaolin Martial Arts & The Philosophy of Chan; The Importance of Chinese Tonic Herbs (part 2); Three Treasures: A Conversation with LaoZi, Waldo, and Me; Qigong of the Wu Style: The Eight Methods.

Summer 2016. Features: Nutrition: "The Qi of Life"; "Cultivating the Correct Internal State in T'ai Chi Movement"; "The Benefits of Qigong"; "Zhan Zhuang: The Hidden Essential of T'ai Chi Training"; and "Qianfeng Daoism and the Buddhist Connection.

Autumn 2016. Features: "The 5-Element Guide to Healing with Whole Foods: Learning the Basics"; "Not Even The Chinese Doctor Can Save Him! Traditional Chinese Medicine in Cuba"; "Exploring Advanced Meanings of the Pure Yang Mudra"; and "Ch'an Master Ren Xiang (1909-2013) and Internal Martial Arts".

Winter 2016-2017. Features: "Mental Regulation of Qigong"; "The T'ai Chi Traveler"; "It's All About The Water"; and part 1 of "The Map of the Qigong and T'ai Chi Universe".